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Thread: White says Johny Hendricks likely earns title shot with UFC 158 win

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    I think GSP came back strong and brave, then he received that head kick from Condit and sent him straight back to "safe mode".
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    "Johny Hendricks, when I watched the fight with Josh Koscheck, according to me, Josh Koscheck should have won that fight, so I didn't want to fight a guy that lost to a guy I already beat," St-Pierre said.
    So, by this f*cked up logic of his, Diaz shouldnt be there either. After all, he did lose to Condit(for real, not in anyone's opinion, but an actual L).

    Wow. I used to be a GSP fan, but this whole picking his fights sh*t makes me sick.

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    My question is... what if Ellenberger beats Hendricks? That will throw a huge monkey wrench into the ranking system. Wouldnt it? After knocking out Kampmann (ugh! That leaves a horrible taste in my mouth to say that) he was clearly the #1 contender. So if he does lose; then who will be the new #1 contender that has to jump through hoops to get a title shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    Actually, the way things have been going lately in the UFC, a loss to Ellenberger would actually ensure a title shot for Hendricks.
    well played sir

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    If Hendricks gets beat, they do GSP/Silva.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    Actually, the way things have been going lately in the UFC, a loss to Ellenberger would actually ensure a title shot for Hendricks.
    He'd still have to get suspended and retire first

    Let's just say it again here: The last three things Nick Diaz did in MMA are lose, get suspended, and retire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    C'mon dude, that's not right... he lost, retired, AND THEN got suspended. :P
    Nice man

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    Quote Originally Posted by v3xi View Post

    GSP is going down that path of being dishonest to justify his own illegitimate decisions. I really don't like it. Dana turning MMA into WWE is forcing fighters to make stupid comments to defend themselves and its making MMA look even more ridiculous as of late.
    Where does GSP lie? All he does is state his opinion. His logic for discrediting Hendricks as the #1 contender is flawed and opens all kinds of doors to debate pretty much every matchup that has ever been made. MMATH doesn't work no matter who's using it. This shit would settle itself if the UFC had transparent methodology for ranking fighters.

    GSP picks one opponent and everyone jumps all over it meanwhile your fucking hero Anderson has been ducking and avoiding opponents for years now and you hypocrits don't say shit. At least he's fighting which is better than other champions. I believe Hendricks is more deserving than Diaz at this point but the Diaz fight isn't a stretch by any means. Sure Diaz's last three things in MMA are a loss, a suspension and a retirement but that's a very close loss that many pundits and fans disagree with, a suspension for marijuana not exactly a performance enhancing drug and Diaz being petulant. Nothing concrete there to discredit Diaz.

    Determining the challenger should be simple.
    Step 1 - establish transparent rankings/rankings system.
    Step 2 - immediately after a title fight offer title shot to the highest ranked available fighter (cannot be the fighter that just lost in the title fight)
    Step 3 - if said fighter accepts, great. If not go to the next highest ranked available fighter.
    Step 4 - Anyone in the top 6 is elligible for a shot. I would say top 5 but the fighter who just lost the title fight would probably be ranked in the top 5 still.
    Step 5 - try to schedule your events to be heavy on the same weight classes so schedules tend to match up.

    We as fans really need to abandon this premise of needing a clear cut number one contender all the time.
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    Hating on Anderson Silva before it was the cool thing to do.

    The idea of a "true number one contender" is the stupidiest MMA idea to be perpetuated by fans and media, EVER.

    HATES the new MMANEWS forum. Bring back the dark background.

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