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Thread: Costa Philippou Tells BJPenn.Com Radio Hes Looking for July Fight w/ Bisping in Eng.

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    Default Costa Philippou Tells BJPenn.Com Radio Hes Looking for July Fight w/ Bisping in Eng.

    Costa Philippou Tells BJPenn.Com Radio Hes Looking for July Fight with Michael Bisping in England

    Exclusive: Costa Philippou Tells BJPenn.Com Radio He’s Looking for July Fight with Michael Bisping in England MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights

    Tonight on BJPenn.Com Radio Philippou and Alchemist President Lex McMahon called in to the show and discussed the possibility of Bisping and Philippou meeting in London this July.

    To be honest I was thinking the same thing, I know the UFC doesnt usually like matching up someone coming off a loss with somebody coming off of a win, Philippou told BJPenn.Com Radio. In this case its a big difference because Bisping is Bisping and hes been around forever. The guy has fought a whos who of MMA, I think it works out well for both of us. He gets to fight in his hometown against somebody who is in the top five or top 10 who has five wins in a row. If he beats me hell be right in the mix again and if I beat him Im right up there too. I think its something for him to think about. The guy is a striker who is willing to strike and Im willing to strike, itll make for an exciting fight. If I was him I would take the fight.

    McMahon chimed in next with his opinion and he has been thinking about this for a few days now. Apparently this is something he feels strongly about and has already put the wheels in motion.

    Costa and I spoke about this a couple of days ago and I think Costa is on point, it doesnt matter that Bisping is coming off of a loss, explained McMahon. At the end of the day he makes $150,000 a fight for a reason, he knows how to market himself, the UFC and he knows how to sell tickets. He is a dangerous opponent and a top guy. For Costa to come in and main event against Bisping would be great for him, its definitely a dangerous fight, but one that I think Costa would do extremely well in. I think this is one of those opportunities where the fight just makes sense and the wins and losses arent necessarily important. Were not saying this is a title contender fight or anything because its not. Its a great fight for the fans and a great opportunity for Costa to further establish his brand and his reputation within the sport. Hopefully Joe (Silva) is an avid BJPenn.Com Radio listener and he knows what were talking about. I actually hit him up about it a few days ago, but well see what happens.

    Philippou added a great point about how easy it would be for the UFC to market the fight.

    Being that it would be in his hometown, they wouldnt have to try and sell the fight, Philippou said. The arena would be sold out in no time, all the tickets would be sold immediately. Bisping is a national hero over there and I wouldnt mind beating him in his hometown.

    Bisping is without a doubt one of the best fighters in the UFC when it comes to selling his fights. He has long been known for his trash talking and his ability to get underneath his opponents skin. Philippou knows what he is getting into and isnt about to get into a war of words with the outspoken Brit.

    Im not the trash talking kind of guy, admitted the 33-year-old New York state resident. If he wants to trash talk and say things about me, Im not that sensitive, I dont mind. Ill let him do his job and sell the fight. At the end of the day it will be me and him in the cage and if he says something that really gets to me then Ill take it out on him inside the Octagon. I have too much respect for the guy, he is a great fighter. The more he keeps trash talking me the more I will keep giving him compliments! Well try a different approach this time, everyone keeps trash talking one another, I am going to give compliments to everybody.
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    That would be a good fight. Probably Bisping would take it by UD but Costa is very good actually. He is strong like a bull, has very good TDD as his boxing is really sharp.
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    Bisping vs Belcher makes more sense to me.

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    Bisbing wouldn't take this fight...Or if he would the UFC wouldn't give it to him. Far to risky fo business cant have Mikey getting KTFO 2 fights in a row.
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    I like Phillipou's approach and he's a badass fighter as well. If they don't give this fight a go, I also agree with Belcher vs Bisping.

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    Michael "the Gaaaaaaaatekeeper"....BIIIIIIIIIISPPIIIIIIIIIIIING! -In my best Bruce Buffer voice....

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