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Thread: Jones relents, admits for first time Sonnen deserves light heavyweight title shot

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    Default Jones relents, admits for first time Sonnen deserves light heavyweight title shot

    Jones relents, admits for first time Chael Sonnen deserves light heavyweight title shot

    UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones relents, admits for first time Chael Sonnen deserves light heavyweight title shot -

    "I'm going to change my response and for the first time I'm going to say yes. I think Chael does deserve a shot at my title because he asked for it and he begged for it. He made it happen and I've definitely beaten pretty much everybody in my weight class and Chael said ‘let me give this guy a run' so I'm going to say yes, Chael you deserve it."
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    Unqualified authority. Just because the champ Bones says it does not make it so, especially with the ridiculous reasons given. I've asked and begged for various things I did not deserve or eventually receive, but that's another story. In all seriousness, the dude is coming off a loss in a lower weight division. He hasn't even won a fight at 205 in the UFC to warrant consideration for a shot at Jones.
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    *Shakes head*

    What a tool.

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    Jones and Sonnen seem too friendly with each other now... Doing interviews together, etc.

    We all know that Sonnen is going to step up the trash talk once TUF is over and their fight rolls around. I wonder how Jones will respond then.

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    I'm not sure if Jones realizes, but he has pretty much killed Somnens entire marketing strategy of building up antimosity between himself and his opponent to hype the fight up. If Jones is going to be acting all busy buddy with Sonnen, then people REALLY aren't going to care about this fight.
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    I still see Henderson [ a fighter Jones hasn't faught yet] with a shot of filling in for Sonnen

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    Sounded more like he was being sarcastic to me

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    Screw what Jones/Sonnen say...the UFC should have forced the champ to wait while all the other "contenders" decide when they are fully "ready" to fight Bones again.

    Real fighters fight. No questions asked, no training camp, fly out that night if they have to. Chael was the ONLY one to step up and take the fight with Jones (vitor and I believe even an injured Chris Weidman followed suit after the cancellation of the PPV) and weather you want to believe that or not is on you.

    Refusing to take a fight is just as bad as taking that said fight and losing. When Dana and the UFC call you and offer you a title shot you don’t say "Oh but this isn’t enough time to get ready..." You say "Yes sir, thank-you sir” and get on with your training, however long that is.


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    I hope he was being sarcastic.

    If not: Dana, PLEASE let me fight Jones! I know he will crush me but fuck it, I could use the payday. I'm not even a fighter, I have zero wins professionally, but I can certainly talk shit!

    There... I'm now qualified to fight for the LHW title.

    He's beaten "pretty much everybody in the division"... Yea, those wins over Hendo, Glover, Goose were amazing! I mean, total fight time = zero seconds! Oh and Anderson Silva fights LHW from time to time so you can count him as part of that roster.
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    He's just saying that now so it'll seem like more of an accomplishment if he beats Chael, and less embarrassing if he loses.

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