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Thread: Jones discusses facing potential opponents across two weight classes

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    Default Jones discusses facing potential opponents across two weight classes

    Jon Jones discusses facing potential opponents across two weight classes - MMA Fighting

    Anderson Silva:

    "Who knows what the future holds? It could happen, who knows?"

    Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira:

    "I think they're both awesome fighters. I think they're both exactly what the light heavyweight division needed. More opponents and top opponents that have fan interest. Whoever makes it to the title shot first, I'll be ready for them, for sure."

    The most challenging opponent coming over from Strikeforce at light heavyweightT:

    "Probably Gegard. Gegard Mousasi, I would say. He's pretty tough."

    Matt Hamill:

    "I don't see that fight happening. I'm not sure if he's still working with the UFC anymore. Things happen. Being undefeated would bring a lot more stress and pressure to my life. I'm grateful to not being undefeated."

    Chael Sonnen:

    "If he has a doctor's note for his TRT, then whatever. I'm looking for the greatest challenge and Chael being older, I don't want that to be a disadvantage for him at all. If that's going to make him compete at a high level, I'm not going to hate on him. I'm looking for the greatest challenge. I want to beat him at his best."

    "Finish Chael? I'm not sure. He's definitely vulnerable to a lot of submissions. Elbows would be nice. But who knows? Who knows? I'll go out there and try to do something to him. A submission would be nice because I'm sure he's going to want to take me down."

    "I think it's a lot different. I think Anderson Silva's physical strength is different and my ability to wrestle. I've been wrestling since I was a little boy and Anderson hasn't. I just couldn't imagine being controlled like that by Chael."

    Vitor Belfort:

    "That's not a fight that I'm seeking. And if he comes to the light heavyweight division and earns his way back to a title fight, I would obviously love to do it again."

    Rashad Evans, in response to a question about who he'd fight if he had to give a rematch:

    "I'd give Rashad Evans a rematch, so I could finish him this time."

    On heavyweight:

    "I have a nutritionist now, so I've been making weight a lot easier, staying into shape when I'm in the off season and things like that. So I think [the move to] heavyweight is going to be prolonged until 2014 and maybe late this year, who knows? It'll definitely be a fight for the fans. I would want to fight someone at the top of the division."

    Cain Velasquez:

    "I've never thought about it, man. I never thought about it. I have no intentions of fighting Cain. I think it would be a war. Cain wouldn't put up with my foolishness. I think he would come right at me.

    Alistair Overeem:

    "I would love to fight Overeem. I would fight anybody, any time. It's just I'm a lot smaller than those guys and I train with heavyweights all the time. I know it would be a major challenge to fight one of those guys being the size that I am right now, but me getting to about 235, 240, I would challenge one of those guys. I have a lot of confidence."

    Daniel Cormier:

    "That guy's going to have to come and get me. He's been talking all this trash. I'm going to make him cut that weight."

    "When did DC get so many fans?"

    Jon Jones: Quinton Jackson is a ‘wuss’ and a ‘baby’ when things don’t go in his favor

    "Yeah, the oblique kick, Joe Rogan named it. I don't know, he's a wuss, he's a wuss. He has this tough guy persona but he complains about anything that doesn't go in his favor. ‘Oh, my contract. Oh, he wants to take me down, that's not real fighting.' He is such a baby, he's a baby."
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    They way I view things for Anderson right now is he is ducking the number 1 contender of the MW division and he is the number 1 contender for the LHW strap but is ducking it's champ..

    Really the only 2 possible fights that make sense for Andy to me is Weidman and Jones but he's gunna end up with a Rockhold.
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    Fedor is a can crusher. Rampage wanted to be released from the UFC the entire time. Ben Rothwell deserves the next shot at Cain and Im just trying to follow suit and stir up the pot in this thread...

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    Hmm... Maybe Jones is coming into his own in the media. That would be a twist.

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    I have no intentions of fighting Cain.
    Followed by
    I would fight anybody, anytime
    Anyone, anytime except the best. Cain and Anderson.
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    That's quite an interesting line he had about a potential fight with Cain-about Cain not putting up with his foolishness and coming right at him. It sounds so accurate, but It's weird that Jones would be the one saying that.

    Jones definitely likes to stand on the outside and use his range and Cain coming forward with his hands and his takedowns would make it hard for a guy like Jon imo. But I guess he knows what areas he needs to work on if the fight does eventually happen.

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    I'm no fan of the "oblique" kick either but he's definitely got Rampage figured out.
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