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Thread: Dana White on the new #1 LW contender: "No Doubt he gets the next title shot"

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    Hmm, I wonder.. if Cerrone had connected to the head with that knee, and pettis had his hand on the ground, would that be considered a downed opponent, or is it the 3 points on the ground?
    It's definitely not 3 points. There are have times where guys have had to raise one foot to put a hand down to make it an illegal knee. I am pretty sure the rule is any part of your body other then your feet.

    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    It is considered a disadvantageous position in MMA, especially if the other fighter put you down in that position. It is considered a neutral position in BJJ, but I think that is due to the inability to throw strikes. In MMA, the position favors the guy on top because keeping him down limits your opponent to the grappling aspect of MMA.
    Fighters can strike from the bottom. Joe Riggs not someone out with punches from the bottom. Elbows from the bottom can very effective like in guida's fight with Diego. It does severely inhibit your ability to effectively do damage with strikes, but not completely. There are lots of fights where the guy on bottom does more damages.
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