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Jones doesn't like being hit and Glover is patient and tactful with his power strikes.

Jones will look to shoot for the takedown the moment he gets touched and Glover has sick TDD. Jones will get stuffed and be in range(possibly pressed against the cage), and will get touched up. Best case scenario, Jones come in for the takedown and Glover touches him, even if he GETS the takedown, Glover's BJJ is very competent and Jones' wrestling isn't overwhelming.

This fight is closer than alot of people think.
Not really imho.

Glover does have the chance of putting Jones out but I got two words for you "Greg Jackson". Jones will not exchange with Glover, he will just keep him at distance with those "oblique" and front kicks. The moment Glover starts overcommitting to his strikes.... BOOM takedown, all Jones need is one good elbow to mess anybody's face up (look at Machida).

Im not a Jones fan at all but simply the Glover that fought yesterday will be embarrassed if they fought. Glover's really gonna have his work cut out for him to prepare for that fight.

With that said, I hope Glover knocks his head off.