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Thread: UFC And Anderson Silva Not Ready To Commit To Chris Weidman Title Fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvall View Post
    Cantwell and Condit got immediate Title Shots? I must of missed those fights. Aldo and Cruz were given titles because those divisions were being created, as you said. That's a bit different than getting an actual title shot and was definitely the right move to make considering the UFC didn't have any fighters for them to fight. I also think you missed the point of my post. You should re-read it. It was a rebuttal to your "apples to apples" comparison. My Jake Shields comment was in reference to the UFC most likely learning a lesson in promoting a so called Champ from Strikeforce with the kind of hype they put behind him. And yes, the UFC could do a Champ vs Champ promotion but you fail to realize that most casual fans have most likely never heard of Rockhold. So they could promote another fight just as easily or maybe even easier. And if the lesson from Shields was learned, they may be smart enough not to touch the Champ vs Champ promo with him. Oh and Diaz, was a UFC and Pride fighter before he went to Strikeforce, so he already had a name behind him that was well known. Rockhold might be the fight to make, I was not completely disputing that. I was however disputing your comparison of Strikeforce and Pride.
    I specified that the UFC had already absorbed those divisions prior to WEC folding. More so, I clarified that Aldo and Dom were not the same as being given an immediate title shot.
    With all of that, I think I will say again, I clearly understand that Pride was a much more prestigious organization than Strikeforce was. Without the competition from Pride I do not believe the UFC would be as good as they are today.
    The comparison is strictly that Strikeforce and Pride were rival organizations that were purchased and absorbed by the UFC. Not saying they were exactly on the same level (because they were not), not saying Strikeforce had the same level of competition (although at some points some on this very forum attempted to argue they did), and by far not saying Strikeforce competitors have the same name recognition (as most do not).
    What I am attempting to state is that when you put Weidman and Rockhold together, I would honestly say for the most part most, casual MMA fans know just as much about Weidman as they do Rockhold and they could do either or to the same flare and potentially promote as we've discussed.
    I think the main point we disagree on is that you believe they could promote Weidman against Silva just as easy or easier than Silva vs Rockhold and I think it is vice versa, which is all a matter of opinion and I respect yours & everyone else on this forum.
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    I hope they can make the Weidman/Anderson fight... Have it in Brazil... Anderson didnt get to fight Chael there and the Bonner fight was a last minute deal...

    Weidman is the best deserving contender out there.... Not sure I have him above guys like Vitor, Okami, and Lombard at this point... but he deserves the shot more than them...

    While Rockhold is just as deserving in my book, Weidman is the better matchup... It would be a great fight. We want to see the champions fight the best.

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    i was watching 'ufc tonight' last night and dana mentioned the weidman fight was closer than people think, however he was waiting for something else to happen first. i couldnt think of what considering there aren't many big middleweight fights coming up.

    right after that, i watched 'ufc ultimate insider' which had a pretty good retrospective of hendo's career and it hit me! could dana be holding out to see if hendo beats machida to set up probably the biggest middleweight rematch ever? anderson did say he's only interested in big fights and i cant personally think of a bigger one at middleweight.

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