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Thread: Hioki Thought He Inflicted More Damage Than Clay Guida, but Not Yet Asking for Rematc

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    Hioki got beat by the hair, plain and simple.

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    How does that question go...O YEAH

    Don't leave it in the hands of the judges.

    But right now I would not leave a pile of shit in the judges hands.

    Really we need to get this judge shit fixed. they seem to be getting worse.
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    UFC ON FOX 6 EXCLUSIVE: Hatsu Hioki Responds to Fan Criticism of Clay Guida |

    I hear a lot of people criticizing Guida’s strategy to lie on top; however, it was ultimately my lack of skills to get back on (to my) feet, stop these takedowns and submit an opponent who was staying tight while being on top to put myself on the losing end. I say this again: Guida won the fight fair and square. He was better than me at that night.

    I have respected him before and I respect him more now.

    I spent a lot of time to develop takedown defense, and I think my takedown defense skill got better than before, but just fell short on Guida. That’s the truth, but I can say that my takedown defense is a lot better than before because we were into prepping for him takedowns. If it weren’t for this fight prep, my takedown defense would have been unchanged and undeveloped, so I would like to (say) thank you (to) him for being a great wrestler.

    All that said, I would like to thank all the support from fans who have watched the fight and Guida-san for the competitive match.

    Thank you very much,
    Hatsu Hioki
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Dude Hioki is the bomb dot com. The most centered fighter I've heard talk yet.
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