Alistair Overeem says Bigfoot Silva will be just another statistic after UFC 156 knockout -

"The Reem," who will earn a title fight against division champion Cain Velasquez should he defeat "Bigfoot" in "Sin City," says he has the Brazilian outclassed in every aspect of the mixed martial arts (MMA) fight game but, as always, is looking to knock Silva out in the very first round.

His words to

"I know I am a better fighter. The fight will probably end in one or two rounds. I'm going to raise my hands after and he's just going to be a number on my list, a statistic. I want to finish him the first round. I have the power to knock 'Bigfoot' out for a long, long time. I expect 'Bigfoot' to try and take this fight to the ground. I believe I have the advantage if the fight goes to the ground. I am better in the stand-up, I'm better on the ground and I have more knockout wins, more submission wins. I am better in every aspect and I'm going to show that February 2nd in Vegas."