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Thread: Overeem says Bigfoot Silva will be just another statistic after UFC 156 knockout

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    Well shit, FG, it's not like he has too many options on that one given its the size of a beer cooler.

    That said, I think Overeem is so precise with his strikes that the first round will really pretty hard to get out of for Bigfoot....
    This. Bigfoot has to stand in front of Reem to get the takedown, and I don't see that going well for him. I dont think he's quick or athletic enough to successfully shoot from the outside, so it's strike-to-clinch against a guy with the most brutal knees in the division. I'm also not sure how he'll go not having a size and strength advantage which he does over most opponents.

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    I see Overreem as the favorite for sure but there's that lingering question for me as to which AO shows up. Does coming in after potentially less in the way of "supplements" affect his confidence? Does the guy who didn't show Lesnar an ounce of respect show up, or is it the guy who seemed timid to strike with Werdum their last time out?

    If Bigfoot walks him down, aggressively throwing a long jab, I could see AO getting caught and dragged into a losing fight along the cage and to the ground. But, ultimately, I don't see Bigfoot as fast or aggressive enough for that too happen.

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    I really dont see The Reem fighting anyone ever the way he fought Werdum unless it's Werdum..

    Fabricio's BJJ game is just that damn good that any and every striker ought to show him similar respect standing not to mention his striking has improved by leaps and bounds over the years and he already had the previous sub vicory over Reem.

    Point of all that is unless he is fighting Werdum you will not see Reem fight like that ever again.
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    I hope you're right, man. I still have that lingering question though... How much of it was Werdum's threatening BJJ, how much of it is AO not responding well to high level guys who walk him down?

    Can't wait to see him fighting more often (hopefully)

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    I think Overeem will put his superior striking on display and get a stoppage. Bigfoot could try wearing him down tho, Overeem has a suspect gas tank so we'll see, anything is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    Good way to start you sig bet career 0/1 anyways. I have always found Bigfoot to be supremely over rated. And I have never thought much of is Fedor win to be honest but I also found Fedor to be very over rated.

    Suprisingly at HW I've always found Reem ranked some where reasonable.
    How could Bigfoot be supremely overrated? the best thing anyone has said about him is that he is good... or he has potential, how can that make him overrated? I think that just makes him rated

    Overeem on the other hand though, has been called by many though the best HW in the world, some very bold claims and although a long time ago I think people forget that this is the same guy that holds loses to most of his big fights in Shogun, Nogueira, Arona, Liddell and Werdum (the one that didnt suck). While his big wins are against guys like Hunt and Lesnar. Just realized that you specifically mentioned Overeem at HW... but I will just post it anyway

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