Maynard: 'Whether Now or Later, Pettis and I Are on a Collision Course'

Gray Maynard: 'Whether Now or Later, Pettis and I Are on a Collision Course' | Bleacher Report

"Pettis is the fight I would love to have," Maynard told Bleacher Report. "At the same time, I understand why he would wait for a title shot. That is what we are all working towards and if that is on his plate then I get sitting out. But things rarely go as planned in this game and if something happens as a result of the Henderson vs. Melendez fight and Pettis decides he's tired of waiting then I'd be happy to oblige him. The way I see it, whether it happens now or later, Pettis and I are on a collision course.

"He does some exciting things inside the cage and I think it would be a great challenge trying to solve that puzzle. I watched him beat Cerrone this weekend, but "Cowboy's" style was the perfect matchup for Pettis to do what he does best. Cerrone comes forward with a straight up and down Muay Thai-style and Pettis was able to dictate space and get off on him. That's not the way I fight and I think I would present some difficult challenges for him."
"The lightweight division is crazy right now," Maynard said. "You take the top guys and put them in a fight and it's anyone's game on any given day. There is no rankings when it comes to title contention. It is who is winning big fights and making the most noise. Right now that guy is Anthony Pettis and why wouldn't I want to fight him? Check my resume. I've only fought the top guys. I have wins over Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz, Jim Miller, all who are or have been top-level guys in this weight class.

"I'm kind of in Purgatory right now," Maynard added. "I'm not in Heaven and I'm not in Hell. I'm not on the doorstep of a title shot but I'm not out of the picture either. Having to drop out of the Lauzon fight and the time off has been difficult, but I'm choosing to only focus on the positives. I've had a lot of nagging injuries that have lingered over the past and this time away has allowed me to heal them up and become totally healthy for the first time in years. I'm going to come back stronger and better than ever and the I guarantee I'm making a run at that lightweight title."