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I've heard and read ALOT of "Randy's a total prick" stories over the years.

The way he separated from his second wife and the fact that his Team Quest teammates and business partners sided with his wife, was pretty interesting and seems pretty harsh. Things concerning the way he runs/ran Xtreme Couture in Nevada that was pretty jerk-ish, especially the way he handled Shawn Tompkins are pretty illuminating. He's also been quite mercenary in his willingness to fight those who themselves believe are close to him. And then there's his incredulity and hostility to those who even broach the subject of TRT and potential PED usage.

These BE articles give some broad strokes on Couture's less than stellar actions. Other than that, most MMA journalists aside from Loretta take a pretty hard stance on Randy and conflict with the image of "Captain America"

UFC 129 Fight Card: The Other Side of Randy Couture, Part 1 - Bloody Elbow

The Other Side of Randy Couture 2: Randy vs the UFC - Bloody Elbow
Thanks, I never read that article. All the stuff that you mentioned with the Team Quest issues somehow conveniently slipped my mind. I also was aware of Shawn Tompkins problems, but I remember thinking that it may have been more to do with Tompkins than Couture at the time. Tompkins had a certain way that he ran his practice and drills, and there have been fighters who were not happy with Tompkins either.

I also did side with UFC over the whole lawsuit in 2007, but that's because I felt that he signed a deal and he should have honoured it. Others saw it differently. By no means did I think he was a prick for doing it, it's just that if I had to choose based on what I knew of at the time, I sided with the UFC.

Nonetheless, good points you brought up. I'm half on the Randy Couture is a prick bandwaggon.