Pettis: Liver kick worse than a KO - Mixed Martial Arts News

ďI hit him with the first body kick and I caught him reaching for a punch, and thatís the worst time to get hit. Your bodyís fully extended. Youíre not expecting to get hit. I caught him with the first one and I could tell in his face right away that he was hurt, but heís one of them guys thatís still dangerous Ö Your body shuts down. You canít do anything. Your mindís still working and you know you want to fight back, and being at this level Iím sure he wanted to fight back, but when you get hit like that and that clean, your body just shuts down. You literally canít do anything. Itís a sucky feeling because youíre fully conscious.

I think itís worse than a knockout because youíre fully conscious. You know whatís going on, but you just canít fight back.Ē