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Thread: UFC scouting for 115 lb fighters in Mexico

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    Default UFC scouting for 115 lb fighters in Mexico

    The UFC recently embarked on a scouting trip to Mexico, where it started the search for fighters in a potential 115-pound strawweight class. A future season of TUF based in Mexico could be filled with fighters from the search, and then the division ultimately could be introduced to the UFC as a whole.

    "It went very well," said UFC president Dana White recently. "A lot of guys showed up, it was very successful, and the guys we sent down were very excited with what they saw."

    "The way that Brazil caught on fire and took off – Mexico's taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but it's coming. The culture in Mexico, they're fighters. The greatest fighters in history come from Mexico, and there's that whole famous Mexican style of fighting – and you see it some of the guys we have here now. It's getting there slower than I thought it was going to, but when it all comes together, it's going to be amazing."

    "You had some people talking smack here and there (about the flyweights). But if you're a real fight fan, how do you not like Ian (McCall)? How do you not like Joe (Benavidez)? How do you not like (Johnson and Dodson) that were here tonight? When people say s--- like that to me, it's hard for me to respond without being a real a--hole. It's really hard for me."
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    no offense to those 115'ers bustin their ass to get somewhere, but i have zero interested in watching someone fight that weighs as little as some middle school kids fighting.

    Some people complain about how many weight classes there are in boxing. if the UFC adds a 115 pound class, how many classes does that make? 9 weight classes not counting the womens division which would make it 10. The only good i could see coming out of sooooo many wieght classes is the possibility of multiple championship fights.
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    Stop UFC. Unless your scouting for 115'ers who want to try 125, knock it off. Its hard enough to follow every division while knowing everything and having interest, let alone explaining it to people who dont follow MMA.

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    LOL practically no one cares about 125 pounders. They think that putting a 115 pound division will be great??? hahahahaha
    As if in Mexico there are only 115 pounds fighters.

    The greatest fighters in history come from Mexico
    Really?? In what sport exactly???
    Aside of boxing and Tae Kwon Do, I can not remember any combat sport where Mexicans are among the best in the world.

    But if you're a real fight fan, how do you not like Ian (McCall)? How do you not like Joe (Benavidez)? How do you not like (Johnson and Dodson) that were here tonight? When people say s--- like that to me, it's hard for me to respond without being a real a--hole. It's really hard for me."
    Enough with this "If you are a trueeee fan, then you must like every single division and fighter" crap.
    What the hell means being a true fan??
    It is absolute idiocracy that if you are a true fan of the sport, then you must like everything.
    I am a fan of soccer, because of that I must watch and be excited about a league that I have absolute zero interest in? So if I do not watch the Peruvian Soccer league, it menas that I am not a true fan?

    It is not that I do not like Dodosn, McCall and those guys, it is simply that I do not give a single fuck about them. I have no interest in that division at all. They are tiny men, and because they are fast, it means that I must be like "Wooow this fight will be so fucking fast!! I am soo excited"?. They move fast, what then??
    I have seen 4 fights of the Flyweight division and seriously to me, it is very boring.

    As for Dana saying that he can not respond without being an asshole, LOL, that is because he is a fucking asshole. Pfff, not that it is a surprise.
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    We're going to need a smaller boat.

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    Priority should be filling up the 125lb division first. They are already talking about having the losers in the tournament rounds as the next potential contenders. All talented guys but no way should they be getting a shot again at this point. If they aren't working on the 125lb division the women's division should be the priority over that.

    Last thing they need at this point is another division devoid of talent just so they can prop up cards with questionable title bouts.

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    agreed with Rise.. how bout stacking ur 125lb division up and maybe filling your Womens division up more too before you worry about guys who weigh less then my middle school brother here.

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    Maybe some of the tougest fighters in history come from mexico, but looking at things broadly, in no way is saying "The best fighters in history come from Mexico" anywhere close to being accurate.

    Julio Cesar Chavez was a beast but other than that who is there, really? Oscar De La Hoya is not one of the best imo, lost almost every big fight he was in and looked for a way out in his toughest fights. He beat JCC when he was an old man.
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    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    115 nis not needed. I mean the 125er are only like 5'6 and 125

    115 is too small. and to many divisons will turn it into boxing where you cant name all the champs.
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    It's not normal for a full grown man to weigh 115lbs. I say, if you have to buy your gear in the boys department, you probably shouldn't be in the UFC. Besides, the 125 division gets booed at events, why does Dana think this would go any differently?

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