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Thread: RUMOUR: Anybody else hearing the steroid/TRT allegations coming out tonight?

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    Default RUMOUR: Anybody else hearing the steroid/TRT allegations coming out tonight?

    Nothing hard has been confirmed that I can post a link to per se, but Twitter has been lighting up with mainstream MMA people talking about a certain recent main eventer having some PED issues.....

    I figure that in the next few days the story will probably be fleshed out and get published substantially with credible sources such as the commission etc, so it can be posted on the general discussion section(or be dismissed as hogwash, but it isn't just a few whispers). But as for now, I'm hearing a lot of talk about a main event fighter who just scored a sweet KTFO victory and it doesn't sound good.

    I assume you can say, the "story is developing", but I'd recommend following the main MMA names on Twitter to get the latest.

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    just coming here to post this...its been confiremd by a few that Vitor was on TRT for the bisping fight, weather or not he was granted approval by the comission is still unclear according to what is going on in the twitter world...

    EDIT; The fight was in Brazil, is there a comission there? or is it an indepedent test done by the UFC...lots of questions to be answered still
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    Knew what this was about before seeing the whole thread title lol

    Not surprising at all if it ends up being true, which, usually these things do.

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    This is apparently on Bispings Twitter too...I don't use twitter or understand it but my friend from Scotland told me this. I am interested to know some more. Somewhat surprised we haven't seen test results since the event was a couple weeks ago already. Don't think I'm going to take it without a grain of salt until something that isn't on twitter, so something more substantial, shows up.
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    Well Vitor all but confirmed his TRT use before the fight, and to the best of my knowledge there isn't a commission in Brazil and all testing it handled by the UFC. I don't see this as being a big problem unless it's something other than TRT.

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    This really wouldn't be big news, I think most everyone here assumes that Vitor was taking something for his last 2 fights.
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    Bleacher Report had a link up to an article on this but it was quickly pulled down.... Link is still up on but cannot find the article on BR at all.
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    It's a cover up!
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    English translation of some of the article:
    The Ultimate Edition was the first to be regulated by the newly created Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), which has Márcio Tannure in charge of the medical department. Wanted by TATAME, the doctor removed the possibility of doping Vitor Belfort or any other athlete in this UFC Sao Paulo.

    "This is nothing but the same rumor, nor have the results yet, they do not come out. All fighters who took the test are subject to it, but the agency that works in partnership with us has not yet finalized the results. The two main event fighters always pass the test, then gave away two more fighters on the preliminary card and two of the principal. There are six athletes tested, but none of them ever had the test results confirmed and finalized, "explained Tannure.

    The doctor's prediction is that the agency, which has the name withheld by him, release the results of drug tests UFC Sao Paulo until the 19th of February, a month after the release of Ultimate Paulo.

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