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How many times did pillowfists Sonnen drop him? Don't tell me THAT was the rib injury.
No, but elevated testosterone has been known to help people become stronger...

Anderson has very good defense, he is good at avoiding shots, but he has taken some good shots throughout his career. We dont know for sure how good his chin is, but it isnt glass atleast. Maybe not Hunt like, but who knows.

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No... just no. Pointing out who Anderson has actually fought doesn't show the fighters he was avoiding. Hendo/Marquardt were clearly 1-2 and Anderson wouldn't go anywhere near either of them. He had to be talked into the Sonnen 2 fight. He's ducking Weidman now. How many breaks has he taken recently? How many times has he opted to waste his one fight a year on a LHW?

You can blame Soares all you want but he is Anderson's mouthpiece. He represents Anderson and unless Anderson comes out and refutes Soares' statements you can take those at face value as coming from Anderson. While I don't believe Anderson is truly scared of anybody he certainly acts like a coward a lot.
Hendo left for strikeforce and Nate lost in his very next fight to Sonnen, who Anderson then fought...

Big fights always have to go through negotiations... Anderson was then upset because the fight was supposed to be in Brazil, and you should be able to understand that.