The stupid goof went on full retard mode with this one. That, or Rhonda is really great at sucking his dick.

UFC 156: Dana White Slams Tito Ortiz, Says Ronda Rousey 'Smokes' His MMA Career | Bleacher Report

Tito Ortiz came out the other day and said, "What has Ronda Rousey [done]? Ronda Rousey hasn't even proven herself yet. She hasn't proven herself." What the f---! Tito was a junior college wrestler. [Rousey's] an Olympic-level athlete who won a f---ing medal at the Olympics. Ronda Rousey's first nine fights have gone nine minutes and 28 seconds. Tito Ortiz's first nine fights went 40 minutes and 45 seconds.

What the f--- are you talking about, Tito? She blows you out of the water when it comes to accomplishing things at the same point in your age and career. She smokes you. She buries you. She's in another universe. I get it--he's a manager now and he's got to get out there and say some goofy s---. But c'mon. Do your homework, Tito.

Edit: Sorry for writing 2 times that name. I am ashamed of myself.