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Sounds to me like semantics....I mean isn't it the UFC World Title???? Wasn't she the 4th best in the world?

See where I'm going with this.....

I do hold the Olympics in high regard because of the sacrifices the athletes make to get there. For sure.

That being said, when you win a professional title, you have ascended to the top of your profession and earned the title of the best. Furthermore, your competition (in MMA) are multi-disciplined, encompass a wide range of ages, and are competing in the sport for their livelihood. Many athletes who are VERY worthy forego the olympics to earn money to survive or miss the target age group by a few years.
Well if Judo is anything like boxing is in the olympics they dont have a Bronze Medal fight and they give both people a bronze medal and only have a final match to decide who wins the Gold and Silver.

Yes the a UFC title is a "World" title but just because you are the UFC champion that makes you the best? Is the Bellator title not a world title as well? (thats a serious question). The Olympics are the best in their country gonig up against the best of other countries with the goal of being best in the world at that said sport.

There is a reason why GSP said he wanted to compete in wrestling at the Olympics and repersent Canada, then he realized how much work and dedication it takes to get there (not saying it doesnt take hard work and dedication to be GSP...)