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Thread: James 'Colossus' Thompson: I will NEVER tap in a fight again

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    Default James 'Colossus' Thompson: I will NEVER tap in a fight again

    James 'Colossus' Thompson: I will NEVER tap in a fight again - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Thank you Enson Inoue

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    I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast a little while ago, and his guest was Enson Inoue. They were talking about tapping, something Enson never did.

    Now I thought if you are caught in something there's no shame in tapping - you tap, you lose, you learn, you fight another day (I still think if your caught there's no shame in tapping).

    Not tapping, once you've properly been caught, going to sleep or having your arm/leg broken just seemed like macho bullshit to me, but after listening to Enson, he surprisingly changed my mind.

    I think this mindset gives you a massive advantage. It might get you broken bones, put you out of training a lot longer with injuries, but they'll heal, and I'm sure this stronger mind set will get me a lot more victories.

    So I'm writing this now in public not to appear tough but as a way to help me change my mentally. Thanks Enson just though listening to you, I believe I've become a better fighter.

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    But getting KO'ed is still HIGH on my list of priorities.
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    This is going to bite him in the ass so hard.
    Right in the ass!

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    James trains at my BJJ gym, and is a really genuine (and surprisingly approachable) dude. He has no ego whatsoever, doesn't expect any kind of special treatment from the rest of the guys because of his name, and as he said, shows no shame in tapping (as he shouldn't).

    Whilst he might come across as a journeyman who relies on his size to compensate for his lack of skill, and who relies on his power to compensate for his lack of fighting-intelligence, this really isn't the case. James might speak very frankly, and might come out with some crazy things, but he's a real student of the sport, he loves to learn, and thinks a lot about the psychological aspects of the sport. I'm sure this is something James has thought a lot about, and I think this is a lot more than just an attempt to grab some MMA headlines.

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    I can understand if you do not tap because of a choke. You will simply go to sleep and wake up few second later. It will not do permanent damage to you (unless you are choked to often).

    However to prefer finish with a broken arm or leg rather than tap is absolutely stupid to me.
    How you will become a better fighter if you can not train at all for abour 3-4 months??
    Also you will probably have surgery and maybe your arm or leg will never be the same as before.

    At the end you will lose anyway, you can learn excatly the same amount of things. The difference is that if you tap, you can go back to training very soon, you can improve and in 3-4 months you can fight again and maybe you will win.
    If you do not tap, you will spend those 3-4 months in rehab, then you do not know if your arm will work as before. And in training you will have to be extremely careful to not damage it.
    Oh yes, but you will say "I am fucking samurai, I did not Tapped!!!"
    That kind of pride is bullshit to me.

    I actually like James Thompson. He is entertaining and his vlogs are very interesting. It is just that I do not agree with this whole "I prefer to finish with a broken arm rather than tap" mentality.
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