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Thread: UFC 156 main card fighter salaries: Reem takes up to $428,671

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    Rashad Evans tops UFC 156 purses with $300,000

    Rashad Evans tops UFC 156 purses with $300,000 - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Now the official figures have been released by the NSAC.

    Jose Aldo - $240,000 ($120,000 purse/$120,000 win bonus)
    Frankie Edgar - $120,000

    Rashad Evans - $300,000
    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - $167,000 ($107,000/$67,000)

    Antonio Silva - $70,000 ($70,000 purse/$0 win bonus)
    Alistair Overeem - $285,714.29

    Demian Maia - $120,000 ($60,000/$60,000)
    Jon Fitch - $66,000

    Joseph Benavidez - $60,000 ($30,000/$30,000)
    Ian McCall - $9,000

    Evan Dunham $46,000 ($23,000/$23,000)
    Gleison Tibau - $33,000

    Tyron Woodley - $87,000 ($43,500/$43,500)
    Jay Hieron - $12,000

    Bobby Green - $20,000 ($10,000/$10,000)
    Jacob Volkmann - $22,000

    Isaac Vallie-Flagg - $20,000 ($10,000/$10,000)
    Yves Edwards - $21,000

    Dustin Kimura - $16,000 ($8,000/$8,000)
    Chico Camus - $8,000

    Francisco Rivera - $16,000 ($8,000/$8,000)
    Edwin Figueroa - $10,000
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    Why the hell is the previous #1 flyweight (and currently #3) in the world making less than Edwin Figueroa?

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    Ian McCall Talks UFC Fighter Pay - Bloody Elbow

    Not one to let his fans fret, McCall took toMMA Underground*this morning to clear the air:

    Dana says he doesn't like to give out real numbers, which is def. the truth cause i came on here and saw people saying things like i shoulda got paid more even though i lost but i headlined the card..i did, dana sent me an extra 25k right after the fight plus i got main event sponsor money hahathe UFC pays you to do your job, if you do it than you get paid good.. in my UFC debut i made over 80,000... thats a lot of money for a division half the MMA community didn't know existed!!i love all of you guys, most of you know my life story, i just wanted you to know that i get taken care of by the UFC real well, ESPECIALLY when it comes to $!All i gotta do now is beat the crap out of someone and move forward and start making anderson moneyyy !!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trustkill View Post
    Rashad got 300k just to show? No wonder he was on cruise control.
    That is a mighty expensive sleeping aid.........

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