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Cain/Bigfoot #1 was a one-way, woodshed beating. Cain/Bigfoot #2 will be a one-way, woodshed beating. => Second verse, same as the first. ¿Comprende?

There are far too many rematches that show that any fighter has a chance on any given night.

If Cain were a dominant champion who has defended his belt repeatedly, I'd agree because it would be a long term trend, but that is not the case.

Bigfoot has a better chance than most would give him credit for.... his win against Overeem.... shows that.

The result is definitely not a given, but I do think that Bigfoot vs Werdum would be a stellar number one contender matchup if they are not looking to pair up Cain immediately.

If I were to make a prediction it would be that history repeats itself, Cain will get injured and be shelfed.