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Lil Nog is a very high level boxer. Rashad came in and tried to box with him. With all the other tools he has, why the fuck would he box with him? Terrible strategy, and he seemed content to let it go to the judges.

If we were to play MMA math; Rashad easily outgrappled/outclassed Phil Davis. Davis beat Nog convincingly mainly with his grappling. For Evans to come in and basically get his offense shut down by Nog showed he's not the same fighter in my eyes.
Rashad has fallen in love with his hands and boxing. The problem every wrestler with KO power experiences. Rashad's takedown attempts were predictable and forced. 1 for 5 on takedowns from a renowned wrestler is pathetic.

If last night was an example of the Blackzillians strategic skills then I give them a D-.

So much for Rashad being a perpetual number 2 at LHW. Should never have let his ego getting in the way of fighting at Jackson's.