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Thread: Dana White after Rashad Evans' UFC 156 loss: 'He has lost that hunger'

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    he stole your will rashad.

    anyway, he had every tool to win this fight, but didn't fight smart. in some matches, like his more recent tito match and the davis match, he looked unbeatable. though more importantly, he's had several matches where he's been tagged and been in trouble, (rampage and thiago silva), and he's altered his gameplan toward his strengths and pulled out clearcut decision victories. last saturday, it was almost like he was ignoring that he wasn't getting the better of the striking exchanges, and although he went for a few takedowns, there was no sense of urgency or power to them.

    check out that beautiful cross-body double he pulled on rampage and compare it to anything he used on lil nog and you'll see what i'm talking about.

    there was a much more powerful takedown in the fight but i can't find a gif. nearly all of his takedowns vs. davis are things of beauty as well.
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