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Thread: Dana White outlines Randy Couture issue, says Ryan Couture will fight for UFC

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    (Remember how Dana would twit the smiley face anytime Fedor lost?)

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    Pretty safe to say the turth layes somewhere between the two sides opinion, and DW says what ever is on his mind at the time.
    Randy is a awsome fight planner to beat almost anybody, but he never strung together a nough wins to earn all the title shots he got. Yes he still had to perform or the title shots would of ment nothing. It takes two to argue and there two

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    DW clearly states that his opinions on RC are about what RC does outside of the octagon. Inside the octagon, DW says he has a ton of respect for RC.

    Granted, the truth is somewhere out there, but to listen to DW's account, RC sounds like a dodgy guy to deal with.

    - Sued the UFC, lying about what bonuses he was paid and how much. DW goes public and says that he can show you the cancelled cheques.
    - Told DW that he was not leaving his FOX contract unfulfilled and was not signing with Spike/Bellator. Left his contract unfulfilled and signed with Spike/Bellator.

    I don't think that DW's account is very far from the truth here. RC seems very much like a guy that wants to take advantage of every opportunity that he can get his hands on, regardless of who he lets down along the way.

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