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Thread: USA TODAY: Anthony Pettis drops to 145, meets UFC champ Jose Aldo on Aug. 3

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    im not going to quote everyone that questioned me. But it has been made clear with Aldos last few fights (hominick and edgar) that if you can weather the first strom he gasses. Pettis can/will finish aldo.

    You dont think Pettis has faced a few leg kicks with his tae kwon do backround? Name me another fighter that is as explosive/fast as pettis that Aldo has faced?


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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    again, great fight, but i really dont like legit divisional contenders getting passed over for a more marketable fight. what happens if pettis wins? does he stay down and defend the 145 belt? or does he fight for the 155 belt as well? bounce between divisions?

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    I see that Aldo has that 2 fights a year mentality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    Pettis smashes the Aldo that showed up to fight edgar 9 times out of 10.
    Dont assume that Jose would fight the same way....

    Frankie's opponents are forced to fight him that way. His point fighting style leads to that... If you get too aggressive early and gas out you can pretty much pencil in a UD loss... There is a reason why Frankie's fights always seem to turn out that way.

    Pettis and Aldo both have very good MT, with nice quickness and explosiveness that few in MMA have... They can also give some unorthodox looks... I dont know who Id take... But as an Aldo fan this fight has me very nervous... Not just of Aldo losing, but actually getting finished.
    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    Cant wait for my boy Pettis to be the first 2 division champ (at the same time)
    Could very well be that... IMO he is the biggest threat to both Bendo and Aldo.

    That would be interesting to see. I still wonder how he would do against a guy who actually plans to take him down the entire fight... Maynard would be a good gauge for his wrestling at this point. Id take pettis over edgar as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    Dan Henderson was the first.
    He was probably referring to the UFC...

    Dan lost both unification bouts back to back against Rampage and Anderson in his return to the UFC.

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyKnox View Post
    Too damn long to wait. Things usually never go as planned in the UFC in that time frame. We will see.
    Ya, I hope the fighters are OK with it... that is a long time away. If one of them requested it be that late, then ok... but if the UFC pushed it for them it would suck for the fighters...

    Aldo has been out a lot over the past few years as has Pettis. who said he wanted to stay active... With that time frame he would have easily waited for his LW title shot around the same time.

    Dana was just saying how he felt bad for fighters in SF not fighting frequently enough, but we see a lot of fighters in the UFC complain at how far apart their fights are, even if they are pushing for a fight and ready to go.

    Maybe their is a reason for it... A Brazil card, someone needs time off, etc.

    suck we have to wait so long.
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    This should be a great fight. I don't like Lamas getting passed over, but I will definitely watch this. Fight goes one of two ways for the UFC. Either Jose wins and then goes to challenge for the lightweight belt, or Pettis wins and then goes and challenges for the belt. Either way this should be a dynamite fight.

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