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Thread: UFC releases 1st set of official rankings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbo> Rampage View Post
    Come back after the Machida fight and revisit this post... It will pretty much even out...

    Hendo got a close win over Shogun, gets destroyed by Machida...

    Rampage got close win over Machida, gets destroyed by Shogun...

    And how did Machida win that fight... Im hardpressed to find anyone who didnt give the first 2 rounds to rampage... Round 3 clearly went to Lyoto... the most eventful round clearly, but enough to earn a 10-8? dont know about that... and even with that its a draw...

    Machida had just come off his KO loss to shogun, came out very tentative and gun shy... lost the first 2 rounds because of it... turned up the pressure in the 3rd... won it, but it was too little too late. He lost the fight.
    So you are operating under the assumption that Machida is gonna destroy Hendo to say that Rampage is equal to Hendo. It's always a good idea to just assume stuff like that. It's why I have Kalib Starnes ranked above Anderson Silva, because I just assume he is gonna come back to the UFC and rattle off 15 straight wins.

    Also rewatch Hendo-Shogun and Machida-Rampage.

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    How is Tim Boetsch ranked lower than the 2 guys he recently beat?

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