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Thread: Former Training Partner Calls Overeem A B!tch

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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    Yup I think Weidman wins by UD using some smotherfuck tactic and either Hendricks or Maia defeats GSP. I want Silva to win but the man is 38 and his continued dominance may be coming to an end.

    I hope Silva prooves me wrong.
    Thinking about it more, I can't wait for that fight. I'm really curious to see if Weidman tries to test himself standing for a bit first like Okami did (or at least I think he did, it's been a while); I think that's a terrible idea generally. But if he does get on top, I doubt he'll smother - he has solid grappling and much more destructive GnP than Sonnen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbo> Rampage View Post
    sucks to see a former training partner call him out like that. I wonder what the beef is...

    Bigfoot hits hard and AO's chin is suspect... we know this... I was not surprised at all to see him get KO, although I saw him winning the fight, it didnt shock me...

    but I was shocked at how many shots he took before he was put out... With how hard Bigfoot hits, that would have put just about anyone out. He may have improved his reaction to getting hit... Bigfoot had some serious accuracy as well... Landed a good amount of punches flush, back to back.
    Looking back remember Big Foot did outbox Andre Arlovski so he does have very good hands. I think Overeem got hurt, maybe from a headbutt or maybe from a punch and he just didn't have the skills or the sense to recover. Some guys don't know how to fight when they get hurt, that may be Reem's biggest weakness. Because every HW in the world can get KO'd with the exception of maybe Roy Nelson, Carwin, and Jost Barnett, Hell I'll even still put big Nog on the list even though he was TKO'd.
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