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Thread: Koscheck might take some time off, do some bad things, then fight for a title

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    A good wrestler with KO power who can stop take downs will beat GSP? I have to disagree, I think someone who has excellent striking and good TDD will beat GSP. I don't think GSP has a great chin. I think he can be rocked and hurt by a fighter with average power. But he's very smart and knows how to recover. It will take a great striker who can pick him a part and wear him out striking. I think GSP could probably grapple fuck any wrestler out there, maybe even Ben Askren. But striking I think he's still very safe and kinda basic. get a guy who can throw some crazy techniques, and who can neutralize GSP's Jabs and take downs.....
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    I'd say GSP striking isn't near the top of the div, but he tranfers between striking to takedowns better than any buddy else.
    Debader08 to think Nick is deserving let alone more than Kos was is one wacked out thought process you go through.

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    Diaz's punk persona got him this title shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post

    Diaz lost his last fight

    Diaz hasn't fought since serving a year long suspension

    When Kos fought GSP he had won 3 straight
    Pretty much sums that up. Theres more that could be added, but yeah we'll just leave it at that.

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