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Never thought this fight would happen at 135 anyway. Dana doesn't want the possibility of Cyborg derailing the Rousey money train.

Cyborg cuts from 160 with like 6% body fat, hence why she was taking winstrol (that's another topic). Getting to 135 from 160 with 6% body fat will definitely not be a good cut, even if she took the winstrol for that cut.

Dana and Rousey never wanted that fight to begin with. Just look how lights up when talking about Silva vs Gsp, look how adamant he was for Edgar vs Aldo and Penn vs Gsp, or Jones vs Silva. He never wanted this fight to begin with. Lets not forget Ronda was a 145er, its not like she couldn't fight there or at a catchweight.
I'm sorry, but Cyborg is no where near 6% body fat, even the day of the weigh in. She has had weigh ins where she didn't even have a real 6 pack, so she was probably around 14%. At her leanest she is maybe 10%. GSP was tested at 7.7%, and is one of the leanest guys in MMA.

UFC champ GSP calculates body-fat in the Bod Pod machine - YouTube

I'm sure she could make 135, she just packed on too much muscle. It's not like she's very tall or wide or anything. Getting with Tito, I'm sure her career is going to go to shit now.