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Idk why my phone isnt letting me quote now wtf.


Yea he got an undeserving title shot, boo fucking hoo, you'll never see any kinda title shot in your life. Get the fuck over it, you're still gonna watch the fight and probably tune into the show every week.

OT: I've seen Chael give speeches at different gyms before and he's a great motivational speaker. He looks like he's a very cool and down to earth guy when he's not in "character".
I've seen other videos of him doing motivational speeches as well. He seems to really get through to people and get a lot of positive feedback from the people he's talking too.

Personally, I took his speech on TUF to heart. I went looking for it online the next day and was bummed that I couldn't find it. Anyways, he hit on a lot of things I had to/still have to work on in my athletic career. People may not like his persona, but what he said that night was spot on.

I got motivated hearing that speech from the show. I can only imagine what it's actually like for the fighters on his team. If nothing else they will be able to take a lot of the things he teaches them, and apply them to areas of their lives outside of MMA.