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Yeah suuure, the whole money laundering was just an act.
The PEDs stuff is an act. When he was saying that he did not tapped few seconds after he tapped was just an act.
Was he in the octagon fighting while he was laundering the money? idoubt it. The money laundering has nothing to do with him in the UFC.it doesnt matter what anyone says, you are on your high horse and no one can change that. my only question to you is this: If you think that Chael Sonnen is a cheater and deserves nothing in the title world or what not, what do you think of guys like Vitor, Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin and the other Name fighters who have taken PEDs/testosterone supplements. Are they cheaters too or do you look the other way on these guys? A cheater is a cheater either way. Dont matter how much you do it, youre a cheater.