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Thread: Ben Henderson will ‘kill' any opponent ‘mentally weak' enough to fight him on steroid

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    Well, last year I responded to one of your posts with:

    You should never be allowed to post your opinions in public when your main hobbies are recreational drugs and head injuries.
    I first suspected that it upset you when you posted this message on my profile:

    "You stupid bitch go back to sherdog or wherever the fuvk you came from troll."

    I'm sorry. I was a little harsh with you.

    Clean slate?

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    Sorry but the main difference between PED use in MMA and other sports is that in MMA you can train like superman and get KTFO or sub'd in round one by a guy with better skill. In other sports you're doing basically the same thing you do in practice. But in MMA, practice and competition are two different things. It doesn't matter how fast you can run or how much you can lift, if your opponent can catch you early or take you into deep waters and drown you. I guess you can say that there are some very high skill guys who use or used PEDs, but I think you can count them on one hand when you compare those guys who are still average and lose quite often on them. And I look at Fedor and how he may have been one of the few clean HW fighters in pride, and how he destroyed and dominated guys we knew were on steroids. Those with skills and mental toughness will win fights more so than those without it.
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    Joeodd that is a horrible argument...

    in MMA, as well as other contact sports... mainly combat sports... You can seriously hurt someone. Even a small advantage could give you the upper hand and cause you to harm your opponent. And as far as training goes... If your going to just say "you can get caught early, so it doesnt matter" then why even train at all? All of the work is done in training... its just up to the fighter to execute it... but their abilities come form their training... If they can go harder for longer, lift more, become stronger, etc... that is a huge advantage.

    This combined with you saying Uriah Hall would beat Weidman in a rematch based off of 1 kick against some no name on TUF is quickly turning you into "the dumb black guy" on this site...

    RD is going to have to find a new niche.

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