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Thread: Aldo coach: "I want him to get immediate lightweight title shot"

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    If Aldo wins I would like to see him move up as there isn't much else for him to prove in that division. If Petis wins however, I would rather see him stay and defend the belt a few times at FW, as there are good fights for him down there.

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    An immediate title shot was offered many fights ago, which Aldo refused at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Why not? Everyone else is getting theirs.
    Someone getting that deserves a shot actually getting their shot? what are the odds of that?

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
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    Theres few people that could switch divisions and get auto-title shots that could make sense. Aldo is one of those few guys.

    I would have no problems with Aldo getting an auto title shot if he wanted to go to LW, the dude has been a wrecking ball for the last 3-4 years, undefeated in however many fights. If he wants it let him have it, sounds like this guy is saying it just to be a dick though.

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    More fallout from 2013: Year of the Superfight

    So many parallels between the plight of Aldo and GSP. Two guys who have cleared out their divisions and get rewarded by constant sniping from contenders who look to drop down from the weight division above them. The fight game is a dog-eat-dog society, and technically speaking, if Pettis or anybody else can make the weight, why shouldn't they get the shot. The real question is should they have to earn that shot by fighting in the division first, or does their resume from another division earn them enough credentials to take on the champion?

    Superfight Pros: Good for PPV Buys, good for the guy dropping a weight class

    Superfight Cons: Bad for fighters who clear out their division and look to make a lengthy (lucrative) reign on mediocre competition.

    Fighters have to recognize that the promotion is the high tide that raises all boats, and what's good for them as individuals may not be good for the company at large. Economics drive this whole process, so whatever move increases the larger pool of money available to everyone will drive the process.

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    I don't see anyone outside of Pettis beating Ben Henderson.
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    I see Aldo and Pettis both beating Bendo...

    Ben is very good, but those 2 would probably be the only 2 above him at 155

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