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Thread: Melvin Manhoef wants fight with Wanderlei Silva in UFC

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    Melvin vs. Lombard, that's a great fight to set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    Wanderlei has only been knocked out since re-joining the ufc by rampage, and leben. I dont really see how getting clipped by 2 hard hitting strikers means your chin is gone.
    He was not just clipped by them 2, he was knocked out cold.
    And he was also knocked down by Lidell, Franklin and Cung Le.

    In the fight against Stann, and against Manhoeff (If it ever happens), Wand should take the fight to the ground. He is much much better than them 2.
    If he decides to stand up, sooner or later he will get knocked out. Stann is not very good technically, but he has an iron fist.
    Manhoeff is not only very good technically, he also has one hell of a KO power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tucker50 View Post
    You could put this on a PPV all by itself and I'd still put down $50 to see it.
    That fight does have appeal but would you really pay 50 bucks to see a fight that might last 30 seconds?
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    Wand vs. Melvin was a dream fight back in the day.... but now I dont want to see wand get KTFO quickly again.

    they are both at the tailend of their careers and have shot chins... but Melvin has a huge technical advantage as well as some good speed and huge power... Wand's all around game is far superior, but we know what he will do. He gets KO'd fast...

    Melvin vs. Le or Lombard would be my first choices...

    Stann or Leban would be good as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JUBAE View Post
    Melvin vs. Lombard, that's a great fight to set up.

    If Lombard had a gameplan of taking him down and beating him there, he would easily do that... but Lombard is a prideful man... That would be a crazy fight...

    both closer in size as well... Very explosive, huge power.

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    Everybody's writing Wandi off.....I made that mistake once too...

    A dangerous and motivated Wandi can give any fighter trouble. And he has one of the best chins and heart in MMA. The KO's he had in his career had been Clean Knockouts. against real KO punchers, I don't understand how you can say someone has a bad chin because they got KO'd by rampage and leben. It's like giving a car a poor crash rating because it gets totaled by a Semi.
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    Best chins? Mother fucker you crazy.
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    I think the obvious matchup for Melvin is Ryan Couture.

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    Exciting fighter, but he has no better jaw than Arlovski. A fight with Wanderlei would end in less than a minute, maybe with the first doubel KO in UFC history

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    Always wanted to see Manhoef in the UFC ever since the division was weak many years ago.

    Manhoef vs, Wandy has always been a dream matchup for me.

    I don't care what else is on the card, I'd buy it.

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