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Thread: Velasquez-silva 2, dos santos-overeem booked for ufc 160 in may

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    I still like the JDS/Overeem fight. If Overeem treats it like one of his K-1 fights and brings his A game, it should be really competitive. Silva/Velasquez is kind of meh, Silva was pretty much outclassed and just clipped an over-confident Overeem, and Browne's knee blew out.

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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Make or break time for AO.

    I dont think all four of these fighters make it to 160.. Someone either gets injured or pulled.
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    Man if they aloud headbutting Silva would be champ for He reminds me of Andrea the giant. Not sure on Silva's TDD even without a poor leg kick. If he can keep it standing he can remove some energy from Cain and make it a fight to see. I imagin JDS will take AO down just to prove a point and get him out of his element. Either way I'll watch or at least watch it the next day. Hopefully the weather breaks so work calms down. I need a little Kevo weather for a

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    Make or break time for AO.

    I dont think all four of these fighters make it to 160.. Someone either gets injured or pulled.
    Beat me to the punch... and I agree. I don't JDS vs AO fight is going to happen by May. Someone will pull out
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    If I were JDS, my shit talking to AO would go something like this, "Stay clean A.O. I want to kick your ass in May, so don't get suspended. Really though, I'm sad to say I think A.O. will purposely fail his drug test so he doesn't have to fight me."

    Not that I totally want to rag on Overeem, but when you fail a test you have it coming. I more so think this would just light a huge fire between the two...

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    This is going to further cement the fact ive been preaching for soo long now; Overreem is overrated and will get handled by the vast majority of UFC HW's he will never see gold and will never be more than middle of the pack . And I'm being generous. people can't get over their man crush on his porn star jackedness and success in a diff sport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qball1974 View Post
    AO vs JDS is soooo not gonna happen, AO is checking his list of outs as we speak.
    Have to agree with you on this one. I was surprised that this fight was already booked, I thought after his loss we would not hear about the Reem for a god year and then he would show up on roids again in Asia. Hope the fight happens though.

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    I'm more looking forward to Overeem vs JDS, than the main event.

    I wouldn't mind if Bigfoot pulled off the win but I don't see that happening. Wrestlers appear to be Silva's achilles heel and Cain going to follow the same game plan as before.
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