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Thread: Dana White: Potential Olympic Wrestling Demise Could Be MMA's Gain

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmawolverine View Post
    if wrestling being removed from the olympics leads to a cascade effect toppling college and high school programs it wont be enough to have wrestling aspects in mma and lessons in dojos, its not wrestling that succeeds in mma its olympic and division 1 level wrestling that succeeds in mma and without those programs churning out freaks who not only have wrestling credentials but a wrestling mentality and work ethic and the resume that comes with it then wrestling in mma will be diminished.

    at the very least if wrestling has to be removed from the the summer olympics then why not insert it into the winter olympics, or better yet move pingpong or fencing over

    no actually lets blame greed and the nbc deal, it already it impossible to watch everything on the nbc networks the olympic tv contract should be split up with more networks let abc nbc and cbs all share some of the content for people to watch
    I don't think they should move it to winter olympics...who watches that.

    But, I definitely agree with the idea of multiple networks covering it. Have them bid on specific sports and opening and closing of the games. Olympics earn more, more sports on so if you don't like one, you change the channel to the one you want to watch.

    I really hope they do get MMA in there. Then comes the you have to be an amateur, or will they allow pros.

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    Why do people want MMA in the Olympics?

    what purpose would it serve?

    im all for anything that gives MMA exposure... but the best MMA fighters are going to fight pro. It would defeat the purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbo> Rampage View Post
    Why do people want MMA in the Olympics?

    what purpose would it serve?

    im all for anything that gives MMA exposure... but the best MMA fighters are going to fight pro. It would defeat the purpose.
    Pros already compete at the Olympics anyways (basketball and hockey) most likely that would extend to MMA if it were to be an Olympic sport. That said MMA and the Olympics don't work well together to many chances for a fighter to win a fight but come out injured and unable to move on to the next round or under perform because of it. You wouldn't get a good representation of who is the best.

    As for wrestling not being in the Olympics it's a really odd chance given it's background an relation to them. I don't think it will have a huge effect how it develops in the States though. You will still see kids competing in it from an early age and the mentality will still be fostered to compete and train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    Well, if the they allow Pro's to compete in the Olympics (boxing doesn't, but basketball and other sports do, so not sure which way that will go), we could see match-ups that otherwise wouldn't have come to fruition due to fighters being in different organizations.

    For instance, Fedor would have been able to fight some UFC fighters while they were still in their prime, instead of after they got released from the company. And non-UFC fighters who do well on the big Olympic stage would have more bargaining power when they negotiate for a UFC contract, especially if they hold wins over top UFC talent.

    All in all, I think it would do more good than harm.
    That would be cool... but im sure guys like Dana and Rebney would have a problem with their guys, their "assets" fighting against guys they dont have and possibly diminishing their value....

    If we actually saw the MMA that we know and love in the Olympics, that woudl be great... but it most likely look like boxing does... MMA can be a violent sport, I see them taking that into consideration.

    obviously using a pro style system would be the best... imagine all the best fighters in there competing... but that is a very long shot, as close to impossible as you can get...

    As much as I dont like Amateur MMA compared to Pro... that would be the best system... Have only Amateurs compete in it. Then it would actually hold some value for what it is, not to see who the best in the world is, but the best Amateur.

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    Honestly I'd rather see wrestling and BJJ in the Olympics, rather than MMA.
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    1. MMA will never be in the Olympics, not for a few decades anyway. There just arent enough countries that could field legit teams or send legit fighters. Look at the current rankings and you will see 90% of all ranked fighters are from the USA or Brazil. The next 10% are Canada or Great Britain with a few sprinkles of random European countries. You can't become an Olympic sport if only 10 countries can field teams. Look at what happened to Baseball and Softball. In the end MMA in the Olympics would be nothing more then a glorified USA v. Brazil TUF.

    2. I would not hold my breath on wrestling being out of the Olympics. There has been a giant international shit storm from Iran to Russia to the USA. The IOC is taking a beating on this and I think come September they will change their deicision and keep wrestling in the Olympics. #SaveOlympicWrestling has been one of the number 1 trends on twitter for days and people are doing everything they can to save it.
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    Removing Wrestling from the olympics is just lame. When the O's were on it was the only sport I wanted to watch, but I could never find it on the telle.

    And no MMA will never be an olympic sport. Even if it is it, I would not be surprised if it will be some watered down point system, type sport.
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