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if wrestling being removed from the olympics leads to a cascade effect toppling college and high school programs it wont be enough to have wrestling aspects in mma and lessons in dojos, its not wrestling that succeeds in mma its olympic and division 1 level wrestling that succeeds in mma and without those programs churning out freaks who not only have wrestling credentials but a wrestling mentality and work ethic and the resume that comes with it then wrestling in mma will be diminished.

at the very least if wrestling has to be removed from the the summer olympics then why not insert it into the winter olympics, or better yet move pingpong or fencing over

no actually lets blame greed and the nbc deal, it already it impossible to watch everything on the nbc networks the olympic tv contract should be split up with more networks let abc nbc and cbs all share some of the content for people to watch
I don't think they should move it to winter olympics...who watches that.

But, I definitely agree with the idea of multiple networks covering it. Have them bid on specific sports and opening and closing of the games. Olympics earn more, more sports on so if you don't like one, you change the channel to the one you want to watch.

I really hope they do get MMA in there. Then comes the question...do you have to be an amateur, or will they allow pros.