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Anderson has been defending his title for years. The only difference right now is that nobody has established themselves as a clear #1 contender. Weidman has beaten 3 guys who are .500 or less in the UFC, one guy who is clearly more suited for WW, and Munoz. That doesn't scream title shot to me, and definitely doesn't give me a reason to think he can beat Anderson.
And by the way, even if you are the smartest kid in the retarded class, your still retarded.
Arguments like this piss me off. I hate when people discredit wins like this. Maia fucking fought for the title. Sakara is a tough out especially on short notice, much like several other of Wiedman's opponents. He takes alot of fights on short notice by the way. Oh and Mark Munoz, which apparently means nothing since Bisping didn't think he was fucking hot.