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After all the times Dana has said Anderson is the best in the world, what would Dana do if Silva turns down a fight? Cut him? So bellator can sign him and instantly be a real threat? Publicly ridicule him? Makes Dana look bad, and pisses Anderson off (who still hasn't signed a new contract has he? I really don't know). You are right Dana is generally quick to run his mouth, but this time it would be a lose-lose.
Dana has criticized Anderson several times in the past. He went after guys like Tito, Couture, and Penn... And look at what he did to Jones, one of their rising stars... That was clearly a lose/lose as well for the UFC and Jones... publicly trashing him like that.

Weidman said he thinks Anderson is ducking him, but never said that the UFC offered him the fight and Anderson refused. That right there would be ducking.