Bigfoot Silva Happy to Shock the World Again by Beating Cain Velasquez | Bleacher Report

The biggest difference is applying what he does in the gym to what he unleashes on fight night.

"I learned that I have to do what I trained with my coaches and follow the strategy," Silva answered when asked what he will do differently the second time around. "I will follow my strategy 100-percent and my training will be basically what I did in my first fight against Cain."

Since his loss to Velasquez last year, Silva has managed to knock out previously undefeated heavyweight prospect Travis Browne as well as his thunderous finish of Alistair Overeem at UFC 156.

The two emphatic victories catapulted Silva back into the title picture, and with his win against Overeem, he became the last man standing in the heavyweight contender's race.

Since the fight was announced, there have been some naysayers that didn't necessarily care for Silva's name being selected for a title shot. It had less to do with him being the No. 1 contender and more the fact that he had just lost to Velasquez two fights ago.

Silva is used to being the underdog and counted out, so this is nothing new. When he fought former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko, most believed it was the Russian's time to triumph. That was until Silva blasted Emelianenko and dominated him en route to a TKO stoppage after two rounds.

The same odds were against Silva when he faced Overeem at UFC 156.

Overeem had all but been anointed as the next heavyweight title contender until Silva smashed his jaw with a series of right hands that left him crumpled against the cage and down on the mat. The Brazilian just knows how to overcome the odds.

That's one reason Silva welcomes the label of underdog, and he invites everyone to count him out. It's nothing he hasn't heard before, and he's happy to come out on top once again.

"I'm already used to it," Silva said about not being favored to defeat Velasquez. "It gives me more energy and will to win."