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Thread: Daniel Cormier responds to Frank Mirís trash-talk

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    Mir is gonna get smashed. I will sig, av, whatever bet anyone on this. He brings up Barnett to dismiss Mir's claim that he has fought no one. This fight takes place where ever DC wants. If he wants to pick up Mir and throw him for 15 minutes he does, if he wants to stand and bang for 15 he does, and if he wants to GnP him for 15 minutes he does; unless this fight is 25 minutes (can't remember) then just add ten more to the total. I think Mir gets KO'd. I like Mir, but DC is on another level right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Cormier brings up Barnett because Mir very specifically questioned the level of his opponents, saying Strikeforce isn't the UFC. Barnett alone is better than anyone Mir has ever beaten. People can dismiss Bigfoot all they want, but he's still as good as anyone Mir has ever beaten.

    The Strikeforce guys stick together. Just like the WEC fighters have a certain bond.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    It wouldn't surprise me if Mir looked like Frankenberry again, but it also wouldn't surprise me if Mir took a limb home with him. Mir has the ability to pull some unexpected shit out of his ass, and yes I mean that literally, it is not a metaphor.
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