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Thread: Nick Diaz has no showed the last three "countdown" tapings

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  1. Default Nick Diaz has no showed the last three "countdown" tapings

    Nick Diaz has no showed the last three "countdown" tapings

    Dana said Nick Diaz has already no-showed three planned "Countdown" tapings. Said he's costing them a sh*tload of money but isn't worried.
    Update: Diaz Camp Responds

    When the Diaz camp learned of White’s assertion that the fighter had missed three Countdown interviews, they insisted that Diaz did not blow off the interviews, he simply didn’t know about them.

    “Dana is mistaken. There is no ‘crew rolling around Stockton’ and Nick did not ‘miss’ three interviews,” Jonathan Tweedale, a lawyer with the Nick Diaz camp, told on Sunday.

    “In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick’s knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, Feb. 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that Feb. 14 date – the one and only date he knew about in advance.

    “Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.”

    I can't believe that he would no-show a promotional event. It just doesn't seem like him. If only there had been some kind of hint, some form of foreshadowing in his past behavior...
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