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You guys calling for Diaz to be fired are retarded (no offense to the mentally challenged).

No-showing a press conference is one thing, that's much much worse than no-showing a UFC produced countdown TV show.

As far as press conferences go, the UFC is most likely obligated to the venue and/or the city/town hosting the event.

As far as the Countdown show is concerned, that's just UFC promo stuff. Nick's only pissing off UFC employees by no showing Countdown. By no-showing a press conference, he's pissing off local government officials, members of the press, etc (in addition to UFC staff).

I'd also wonder whether or not Nick is contractually obligated to show up for Countdown stuff. Dana has already said that every fighter is contractually obligated to show up to press conferences for events that they'll be competing in. I've never heard Dana say they're contractually obligated to show up for Countdown tapings.
Would you want to put up with this shit over and over again, and more importantly want this guy to have your title/represent the best in the welterweight division?