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Thread: Nick Diaz has no showed the last three "countdown" tapings

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpac77 View Post
    You guys calling for Diaz to be fired are retarded (no offense to the mentally challenged).

    No-showing a press conference is one thing, that's much much worse than no-showing a UFC produced countdown TV show.

    As far as press conferences go, the UFC is most likely obligated to the venue and/or the city/town hosting the event.

    As far as the Countdown show is concerned, that's just UFC promo stuff. Nick's only pissing off UFC employees by no showing Countdown. By no-showing a press conference, he's pissing off local government officials, members of the press, etc (in addition to UFC staff).

    I'd also wonder whether or not Nick is contractually obligated to show up for Countdown stuff. Dana has already said that every fighter is contractually obligated to show up to press conferences for events that they'll be competing in. I've never heard Dana say they're contractually obligated to show up for Countdown tapings.
    Would you want to put up with this shit over and over again, and more importantly want this guy to have your title/represent the best in the welterweight division?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Ok, so showing up for these tapings is part of Diaz' job right? Well I know if I don't show up for work I'd be canned so fast. Dana should fire his ass. Plain and simple
    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    When you are in the main event of a PPV it is a give-in that you promote the fight and comply with the company's wishes.

    Nick is in the wrong no matter what shade of rose-coloured glasses you are wearing.
    Is it in Nick's job description though?

    Is Nick obligated to attend promotional events outside of press conferences, weigh ins and post fight events?

    I think (not saying it is in Nicks contract) a fighter should be able to be a top level fighter and not be obligated to jump through all the monkey hoops the UFC asks... Really, is it required to be spilling your guts on camera to hype a fight and pulls fans heart strings by talking about your dad committing suicide?

    Nick should be able to fight in the UFC, fight for main events or title fights and not have to put himself out there on all the promotional stuff the UFC does if he is willing to be paid less.

    I have no clue if Nick is obligated to do so or not but think for less pay, fighters should have the option to not participate in media obligations. What other sport requires players to participate in major media obligations if they want to compete for the championship.

    Would the NFL boot a team from not playing for the championship because one of the teams QB would not do a promo show?

    It seems very clear Nick has anxiety issues and struggles in very public and social environments, true mma is not about the press.

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    "Dana should fire his ass" LMAO.

    Yeah, fire one of the most entertaining, tough, and scrappy fighters in the world because he didn't want to be filmed doing the same shit he did for the last countdown he was involved in. Great call.

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    Yeah, fire one of the most entertaining, tough, and scrappy fighters in the world because he didn't want to be filmed doing the same shit he did for the last countdown he was involved in. Great call.
    You guys are under the impression that every MMA fan frequents online forums and keeps up with the news on these fighters.

    There are a lot of casual fans who mainly rely on commercials and countdown shows to A)become aware of the PPV, and B)get excited enough to order the PPV. Not to mention the ads being seen by potential new fans...

    When Nick Diaz decides to be a spoiled brat and skip out on the promotional work, he is costing the company money/PPV buys. And before you claim "so what, if he wants to make less money let him...", I'm going to remind you that he isn't the only person on that fight card. There are other fighters who want to increase their earning potential by performing well in front of as many fans as possible.

    The whole reason Nick Diaz was given the title shot was because the UFC apparently cares more about PPV buyrates than having the legitimate top contender fight the champion. And Nick is always crying about not making enough money. So pulling this crap doesn't make any sense...

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    wow, suprise suprise, diaz is acting like a spoiled little kid, and screwing up his obligations. Who ever would have thought this would happen?

    No wonder all the mouthy little kids around here are his biggest fans. He's like eminem with a unibrow.

    No pity at all for the UFC though. You rewarded his bad behaviour with a title shot, why would he ever stop acting like a waste?

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    meh if its in his contract he should be held accountable if not, GTFOver it. Firing would be too much even if he is required and so far no one has shown a contract proving he is obligated at all.
    Thats right bitches, gonna have to bling out the other hand soon...

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    It's his bad guy image not spoiled he's to dumb/bullheaded to realize he's spoiled.
    Gotta laugh though DW got what he deserved, but have they played it out were it might get more viewers? Haven't watched any promo's to rightfully say for myself.
    Only thing most likely saving Nicks butt is he usually puts on a fight, but more importantly he sells for the UFC.

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    In other news, the sun came up today.
    Big Hairy American Winning Machine

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    i just hope they let diaz fight. GSP asked for this fight and he should be given it... and after GSP takes diaz down and hate fucks him for 5 rounds, dana can fire nick diaz in the cage on ppv. an example needs to be made

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