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Thread: Cub Swanson Hungry for Dominant Wins Following UFC on Fuel TV 7 Decision

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    Default Cub Swanson Hungry for Dominant Wins Following UFC on Fuel TV 7 Decision

    Cub Swanson Hungry for Dominant Wins Following UFC on Fuel TV 7 Decision

    “I knew he was going to be a tough guy, but I just know that I’m sharper than that,” Swanson told Fox Sports after his unanimous decision victory. “I was really frustrated about that, and I know I have to do better. I did enough to get the win, and I’m proud of that, but I could be better.”

    Poirier did appear to be the tighter -- though not necessarily the more effective -- striker during their featherweight bout at Wembley Arena in London. However, Swanson managed to connect several times with hard, looping shots, notably clipping “The Diamond” with a sweeping uppercut in the first frame.

    “I’m a lot more accurate than that. He did a pretty good job of holding back just enough,” said Swanson. “I give him credit. He was a lot trickier than I thought. My hat’s off to him. He was talking some trash, and I was like, ‘My apologies, but I won it.’”

    Swanson consistently stuffed Poirier’s takedown attempts through a competitive first 10 minutes between the world-ranked 145-pounders. In round three, it was Swanson who shot for a takedown after Poirier began to find his range. While the decision resulted in Swanson winning the final round and the fight, the Jackson’s MMA product was nevertheless injured in the process.

    “When I took him down, I landed on my head and my thumb at the same time. I’m glad I didn’t knock myself out,” said Swanson. “I bent my thumbnail back, and it started bleeding pretty good. That really hurt, but it’s cool. It’s part of the job I chose.”

    The hard-fought victory should move Swanson further up the featherweight ladder, inching him one step closer to a rematch with reigning champion Jose Aldo. Swanson was initially supposed to face Dennis Siver on Saturday evening, but the German withdrew from their bout, leaving Poirier to fill in. Though a meeting with Siver would certainly make sense at this juncture, Swanson said he will be ready for whomever the UFC throws at him.

    “I think [Siver] should fight another guy first. I could see [myself fighting Chan Sung Jung] or [having] a rematch with [Ricardo] Lamas,” said Swanson. “I’m trying to dominate these opponents, not just win. I’m going to go back in the gym and work it. I’m hungry.”

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    I like "the diamond" but i'm a little weirded out by his talk, at the presser Cub mentioned that Justin had some words for him during the fight including something like " i cant believe you're going to take this from me" it just reminds me of how he spoke after the loss to korean zombie. i dont know if it should be categorized as whiny but it seems a little immature. On the other hand its nice to see Cub has matured into a entertaining veteran contender

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    Cub has really picked up his game as of late and tightened the areas that were always his troublespots. I'd put him in the top five to seven range, but he's at risk of getting shafted when it comes to rankings and future matchups.

    Cub's in a rather unenviable position when it comes to contendership, as he's already been dusted by Aldo, and also already lost convincingly to Lamas and Mendes(who I regard as the top two). On top of that, I think Zombie probably has dibs being that he's never fought Aldo and would be an exhilerating fight and then you've got the looming Gilbert Melendez, who I see dropping down once he gets dominated by the bigger, stronger, faster Bendo.

    Koch, Nunes and Hioki are good challenges for Cub, but they're coming off of losses and are lower ranked. I don't know if he and Clay would fight each other because of the Jackson connection, which leaves his original matchup, Dennis Siver, which would be a great war.

    As long as he stays away from Lentz or a rematch with Mendes or Lamas, he's good, but he's in a rather unfortunate spot of having dropped losses to his contemporaries and will suffer from further LW stars dropping(Frankie, Pettis, Clay and potentially Gil)

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