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Thread: Shannon Knapp: “Invicta fighters will be randomly tested.”

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    Default Shannon Knapp: “Invicta fighters will be randomly tested.”

    "The athletes will be tested, and this is not just a Cris Cyborg testing. We have been in the process of implementing [testing] since before she came on board. The bottom line is that I am all about fairness for the athletes. If I test one, I will test others, and certainly I will never test one [fighter] in a bout and not the other. We want to promote healthy female athletes.”

    “It’s the right thing to do. There is a growing [PED] issue and a growing concern on my part with what is happening in the sport. I think that female athletes should be no different [from men] and I think that they should have to show that they are competing clean as well. I don’t think that steroid abuse is gender biased at all.”
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