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Thread: Dan Henderson claims Anderson Silva 'manipulates the UFC'

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    Glad the Mods handled this matter swiftly. To anyone who didn't see the problem with the contents of the post in question may the mod's send you on your way too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    Kiss Frye's ass? If I was going to suck up to one of the MODs, it would be one of the useful ones like Rivet or Dr. MMA.
    When is DR. MMA's next BI-ANNUAL log-in?

    Quote Originally Posted by CapCee View Post
    After losing to Anderson, Hendo had lost two straight, and three of his last five. He wins a decision over Paul Harris, who is relatively a nobody at the time. He ekes out a split decision win over Rich Franklin in a completely different weight class (one judge had it 30-27 for Rich), then he KOs one of the most overrated fighters in all of MMA. Not saying he didn't deserve a rematch, but that doesn't necessarily cry out for another title shot, at least not to the point of claiming Anderson is ducking him (Which he could be, but Dan needed to accomplish more at that time to make this claim). Certainly not comparable to Johny Hendricks recent run at WW. Hendo was 6-5 in his most recent fights and 0-2 in has last two title fights? Let's not get ahead of ourselves with distorted nostalgia.
    And rematches are an element that makes combat sports so great. Ali/Frazier, anyone?

    Damn. I'm sorry to hear (read) that.
    Blah blah blah... Anderson ducked the rematch.

    then he KOs one of the most overrated fighters in all of MMA headlining a card billed as a title eliminator.
    Not saying he didn't deserve a rematch, but that doesn't necessarily cry out for another title shot,
    You know what cries out for a title match? When the president of the company makes a public statement like "win this fight convincingly, and you have a title rematch." Did Dan not win that convincingly enough?
    Funny how noobs don't remember that Bisping vs Hendo was a title eliminator.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    And Snigs only became a baller when he changed identities Degenero couldn't tie Snigs shoes in my opinion and they be the same guy.
    Whatchu talkin bout foo?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bork_Lazer View Post
    My ignorance. LOL. I brake you in almost every argument and you run behind Riv in most posts. See, unlike you and some others I wont mention here, I have balls, so when I'm wrong I have no problem admitting it. I did not remember that fight being slated as the next one to fight the champ. But if that was the case, it wouldn't be the first time the UFC didn't follow through on it.
    Even retards think they win arguments.

    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    U know figure it out....

    Every one here knows where they stand and if not then you need to self evaluate a little deeper
    Ooooh oooh my turn. I am tolerated but barely liked.
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    I have a feeling that the 1st time Rampage signed on here and saw his new status, he felt like this:
    Favorite Fights: Jonny Bones Jones, Wandy, Hendo, Cain, Matt Hughes, Melvin.

    Most disliked fighters: Michael Bisping, Spankie Edgar, Alistair Overeem, Anderson Silva, Tim Sylvia, Chuck Liddell

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