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Thread: Saffiedine: 'More cons than pros' in short-notice UFC 158 fight with Condit

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    Default Saffiedine: 'More cons than pros' in short-notice UFC 158 fight with Condit

    Saffiedine: 'More cons than pros' in short-notice UFC 158 fight with Condit

    Saffiedine: 'More cons than pros' in short-notice UFC 158 fight with Condit | News

    Saffiedine today told Radio (MMA Radio, UFC Radio - MMAjunkie Radio).

    When UFC 158 co-headliner Rory MacDonald (14-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC) went down with a shoulder injury, the UFC initially called on Saffiedine (14-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC), as first reported on Monday. But the Belgian fighter turned down the pay-per-view bout, and Johnny Hendricks (14-1 MMA, 9-1 UFC) ultimately stepped in as the replacement.

    "It was a big opportunity for me, but with something like that, you have to weigh the pros and cons," Saffiedine said. "Unfortunately, there were more cons than pros.

    "I'm not 100 percent healthy right now. The timeframe is not the best, especially right now since (teammate) Dan (Henderson) is fighting (this weekend at UFC 157), and a lot of my teammates are fighting and gone."

    UFC 158 takes place March 16 at Montreal's Bell Centre. Not only would it have been a short-notice situation for Saffiedine, but he said he still had some lingering injuries from his Jan. 12 title win over Nate Marquardt at Strikeforce's final event.

    "I have a lot of respect for Carlos, and I'd love to fight him, but I believe I need a healthier camp and a longer camp," he said. "Three-and-a-half weeks is kind of short for a fighter like him, and that's basically is why I didn't do the fight.

    "It was hard to say no. I don't like to turn down fights. I understand that people are frustrated or upset for me not to fight Carlos, but I'd love to fight him. He's one of the guys I'd love to fight. With a proper camp, I'd fight him for sure."

    For now Saffiedine said he's like to return to the cage and make his official UFC debut in April or May, especially if the organization heads to Europe. He doesn't have any specific opponents in mind, though he'd prefer a Top 10 welterweight to help his title chances.

    "I'll be ready for the next one for sure," he said. "As long as I have time to get ready, I'll fight anybody."

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    That sounds like a Professional as opposed to a dog on a chain. Good for him. Guys who fight smart have longer and more successful careers than guys who take fights that they weren't prepared for. Sure sometimes short notice fights work out, but most of the time they don't and it hurt their career. Just ask DaMarques Johnson or Chris Leben.......
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    I dont know, Just getting into the UFC, getting the chance to fight the last title contender, on the main card..seems like alot of reason to take the fight imo.

    Its almost 4 weeks, not like its THAT short notice, but hey if the guys got injuries and isnt confident then he shouldnt be stepping in.

    I just dont think its a good way to start a new job, especially when Dana hates this.

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    Smart call not taking the fight. I don't blame him at all. But he's gonna get roasted for it.
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    Let's be 8 month camp and sleeping in hyperbaric chamber and this guy still gets shredded by Condit 9 times out of 10. I say step up, take the fight and hope for that 1 time. What does a loss to Condit REALLY do to him? He's an unknown for the most part and despite his SF belt...probably not top ten in anyone's mind. On the flip side...what would a WIN do for him, especially on that card? Now he will get a fight with an underwhelming opponent, probably NOT on a main card, still lose and really seem like a nobody to the uninformed fan. All while Dana cackles ring side, rubbing his hands together like Mr Burns.

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