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Thread: Bellator 90 Live Discussion

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    Really good night of fights. The knock outs were awesome. That other 205 pound Russian really messed that Noe guy up. Will be a good fight between him and Newton.

    King Mo, keep them hands up buddy. Also, don't forget you can wrestle. That KO was awesome.

    Shamlalongadingdong is awesome. Can't wait to see that title fight.

    Lima vs KillaB two will be awesome. I will be pulling for Ben b/c it would be fun to see him versus Askren.

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    Man, I just can't hold this back anymore. Newton beating Mo is not a world shocker!
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    Not to use MMA math, but how do you like Goose's chances against Mousasi now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    Not to use MMA math, but how do you like Goose's chances against Mousasi now?
    I think his chance is still the same. If King Mo utilizes his tools, which include wrestling, then he is dangerous. If he comes out with his hands down, then he is very beatable. Mousasi might get taken down by Goose, but Goose won't be able to hod him for five minutes for five rounds. I think the more telling aspect will be if he can get into Goose's range, which has nothing to do with his fight with Mo.

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