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Thread: Cub Swanson took Frankie Edgar's callout 'both respectfully and disrespectfully'

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    Default Cub Swanson took Frankie Edgar's callout 'both respectfully and disrespectfully'

    Cub Swanson took Frankie Edgar's callout 'both respectfully and disrespectfully' | News

    "I took it both respectfully and disrespectfully," Swanson today told Radio (MMA Radio, UFC Radio - MMAjunkie Radio). "First, who the hell calls out anybody in a five-round fight unless it's a title fight? I found that strange. For one, I felt disrespected that he thinks I don't have the cardio to get five rounds. But then I was like OK, I feel some respect because he feels the only way he can beat me is with a decision – a long, drawn-out decision. So I found it kind of funny."

    Edgar mentioned the five-round possibility because he wants the bout to headline one of the UFC's smaller UFC on FX or UFC on FUEL TV events.

    But Swanson, a three-time "Fight of the Night" bonus winner with the WEC, said he thinks his next fight should be on a "major card," preferably in May or June, since he feels he's earned a prime spot on at a pay-per-view or FOX event.

    Regardless, he's not going to campaign for the fight. If the UFC wants it, great. If not, Swanson doesn't see the point.

    "I'd love to fight him, but at this point, I'm not in high school," he said of Edgar. "I'm not going to fall for anybody who calls me out. If the UFC feels that's the best matchup for me, I'm ready. I'm down. But if they have something else in mind, that's what I'm going to do. I've worked my butt off to get in this situation and to be able to call my own shots. So we'll see what they have to say."

    Swanson, though, admits the fight makes sense. Only fellow contender Ricardo Lamas and injured Chan Sung Jung are ranked ahead of him, and Edgar certainly would give Swanson a big name on his ledger.

    "I feel like it might be on the only fight for me, but if something better comes for me comes up or they have something else in mind, or they feel [Edgar] needs to win a fight before he can call out someone who has a four-fight win streak, that's that," he said. "I'm a fan of his, but as a fighter, I don't fear him or anything. I'd love to scrap with him.

    "But at this point, it's about getting a title shot and things like that. If the UFC thinks that the best thing for me, cool."

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    Considering his losses to Mendes, Aldo and Lamas, I think Swanson should take this as an act of kindness to pad his wallet, since this the only chance of him getting a sniff at a main event fight for the foreseeable future....

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